You’re in an Abusive Relationship: Now What?

Look at the list above. If you are in the military, you see the parallels. If you have been a victim of an abuse or wrongdoing, you see them even starker. So, the question is: now what?

Ultimately, you have two options: stay or go. And many opt for the former. The reasons for that are well-studied and well-documented, so we need not delve into them here. There are two great references in the footnotes if you want to read more.

Our continuing question, however, to all who remain: if it’s really that bad, why aren’t you leaving? The corollary is also at times puzzling to us: if you’re not leaving, is what is happening to you really that bad?

Special thanks to Barrie Davenport and Corie Weathers for their contributions. You can check out Barrie’s article1 and Corie’s book2 at the notes below.

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