Defending the military Whistleblower

Walk the Talk Foundation, LLC was established to help close significant gaps in protection for Whistleblowers in the DoD

About Us

Walk the Talk Foundation

Defending the Military Whistleblower

While the government touts the role of whistleblowers, it fails to afford adequate protections to military members who are victims of reprisal. In other words, we are engaging on all levels to work towards a system where the  government “walks” commensurate with the “talk.”

The Foundation's logo showing a long and winding path, representative of the path that a Whistleblower journeys down. The wide path that divides the logo represents the gap between the envisaged spirit of full Whistleblower protections and what is, in reality, provided.

What we do

victims of reprisal

Provide consultation and advice to those seeking redress in the DoD

military justice system 500

Advocate for regulatory change in the military justice system.


Advocate for the streamlining of the DoD IG reprisal investigation process.

Whistleblower law

Advocate for change in Whistleblower law.

Our Vision

To realize a military free of retribution and reprisal.

Our Mission

To give military members a voice when and where they don’t have one, guiding them through the treacherous journey of the Whistleblower.


Advise the military member,

Advocate for more Whistleblower protections,

Engage Congress to expand Whistleblower laws.


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