DIA “Counseled Officers” Who Violated Scores of Laws and Regulations

19 months following a scathing February 2022 report by the Wall Street Journal which exposed a swath of violations of laws and regulations, the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) last week, in an official response to a Congressional inquiry, stated that as a result of two internal investigations, it “counseled officers” on how to adhere to DIA and DoD policies.

The internal investigation following the WSJ article was overseen in April 2022 by the DIA’s then-Director of Operations MG Michelle Schmidt. Schmidt was provided the report in which 65 witnesses cited 158 allegations of wrongdoings, including reprisal, retaliation, discrimination, harassment, and, one particular disconcerting account of DIA managers interfering with the Afghanistan evacuation operation in August 2021.

On September 19, 2023, nearly 17 months after Schmidt’s investigations, DIA notified Representative Rob Wittman (R-VA) of the results. The remedial actions taken: “officers were counseled.” Markedly absent in the Congressional response from DIA: any mention of the scores of Americans victimized by the DIA cabal, and zero mention of any justice/restitution they were provided.

In response, the WTF has sent the following letter to Representative Wittman, amongst others. In it, we implored the Congressman to “address a pervasive internal decay rooted in the institution’s impotent military leadership and corrupt military justice systems, both demonstratively evidenced by this DIA scandal.”

Letter to Rep Wittman on the DIA response (click to enlarge)

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