We are honored to be briefing House Armed Services Committee Vice Chair Representative Elaine Luria on the recently-filed report “Toxicity in the DAS and the Resultant Threat to National Security”, scheduled to take place 8 April.

The briefing will center about the 22 March 2022 report and will highlight the following theses:

— The civilian leadership in the Defense Attach√© Service (DAS) has inserted itself into operational control (OPCON) lines of authority, beyond the bounds of its mandate.

— The DAS has a documented history of hostile work environment including systematic suppression of whistleblowers. 

— DAS leadership supports a culture of fear, caused by the pervasive and consistent acts of reprisal against those who report fraud, waste, abuse, questionable intelligence activities, and discrimination; all with little to no oversight.

— Avenues of recourse within DIA (IG, service reps, chain of command) have consistently failed to curb the above issues.

The end result: the DAS’ civilian cabal is achieving the same effects our adversaries aim to achieve by disrupting and degrading operations, hence posing a threat to national security.