Operation reform and restore

WHat is Op r2?

A coalition of dozens of the nation’s leading advocacy groups and advocates, Operation Reform and Restore (Op R2) aims to coordinate and synergize the efforts of hundreds of individual lines of effort, all aimed at bringing about real, positive, and substantive change to our armed forces.  Our partners include:

Our mission and vision


To force multiply by uniting the disparate individual efforts of foundations, organizations, and individuals to:

Reform our military by eradicating the internal corruption and dysfunction which threatens national security

Restore the institution to its constitutional purpose and its officers’ understanding of their oath of office and duties thereof.


To provide Americans, our elected/appointed representatives, and military leaders -current and future – purposeful solutions aimed at strengthening the individual and collective understanding of and allegiance to, the sacred oath of office, the defense of our nation, and supporting our Constitution above all else.

The root causes we aim to address

Issue 1 – Lack of Constitutionality:
Constitutional rights that should or do exist within the military are not exercised due to the leadership’s abuses thereof, the members’ ignorance of their rights, and/or the Department’s brazen disregard of the Constitutional rights belonging to all Americans, including servicemembers.


Issue 2 – Irresponsible Funding:
The DoD’s funding is unconstitutional and exorbitant which has led to budget
mismanagement, lack of accountability, rampant fraud, waste, and abuse, as evidenced by five failed recent audits.


Issue 3 – Corrupt “Justice” Systems:
The DoD’s two-tiered justice system is an ineffective or corrupt mechanism by which the institution is further insulated from actual justice and scrutiny, usually at the cost to the individual servicemember.


Issue 4 – Unchecked and Unabated Lack of Transparency:
The American public, their elected officials, appointed representatives, and members of the military are intentionally kept in the dark by a Department whose immoral, unethical, and illegal practices cannot stand up to public transparency and scrutiny.


The only way by which we will be able to effect substantive leadership and cultural change, is through the moral courage of those who come forward to recount their stories.  You can help further the cause by telling the Congress your story:


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