Partnership with No Fallen Heroes Announced

We’re proud to announce that this week our Foundation entered into a partnership with No Fallen Heroes, a foundation that is leading the way in the field of psychedelics for treatment of PTSD patients.

No Fallen Heroes’ mission is twofold:

To share the stories of pilots who’ve gotten their lives back (and better) through the method of psychedelic treatment.

To bring education and hope to every struggling veteran, 22 of whom commit suicide each day.

Visit the No Fallen Heroes’ website here

For anyone who is interested in what the treatment journey is like NFH has offered the opportunity to listen to any of the following episodes of the Max Afterburner podcast.  The podcast is by NFH’s founder, Matthew “Whiz” Buckley and is available on iTunes and Spotify platforms:

Episodes 16-19 – Whiz talks about his personal journey

Episodes 24-25 – SMrF, Former Navy Hornet piot discuss his ejection at just under the speed of sound, his TBI/PTSD and how he healed with     psychedelics

Episode 27 – Sledge Mullins, Executive Director at NFH, talks about his healing journey

Episode 33 – Whiz’s wife, Suzy, talks about her healing journey as a military spouse

Episode 35 – Stas, Former C-130 pilot/special ops, talks about his healing journey

Episodes 38-41 – Slide, former F-14 and F-18 pilot, talks about his healing journey

Episode 45 – Bart, former F-14 WSO, talks about his healing journey

Visit NFH’s Podcast site here

WtTF is excited about the synergistic partnership with NFH in that clients of our foundation have yet another outlet for assistance with PTSD. Likewise, clients of NFH who are navigating the waters of the DoDIG process now have the resources of our Foundation at their disposal.

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