Operation Reform and Restore Launched

The time has arrived for much-needed substantive reform in our military!

Operation Reform and Restore (OP R2) – a coalition of foundations, organizations, and individuals have come together in order to bring about substantive change in our military; change we believe will result in much-needed improvement to the readiness of our force. 

Our mission is to force multiply by uniting the disparate individual efforts of foundations, organizations, and individuals to:

– REFORM our military by eradicating the internal corruption and dysfunction which threatens national security, and

– RESTORE the institution to its constitutional purpose and its officers’ understanding of their oath of office and duties thereof.

Our vision is to provide Americans, our elected/appointed representatives, and military leaders – current and future – purposeful solutions aimed at strengthening the individual and collective understanding of and allegiance to, the sacred oath of office, the defense of our nation, and supporting our Constitution above all else

Our individual efforts have tirelessly worked to address many concerns over the years, and we now fully understand that the current erosion of our military requires a united, collective effort because the systemic erosion stems from four main overarching issues:

– Issue 1: Lack of Constitutionality
– Issue 2: Irresponsible Funding
– Issue 3: Corrupt “Justice” Systems
– Issue 4: Unchecked and Unabated Lack of Transparency

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