Interference of the Afghanistan Evacuation Operation

In the March 2022 report to Congress “Toxicity in the Defense Attaché Service and the Resultant Threat to National Security,” one of the 158 listed allegations was “endangerment of lives,” which was cited due to first-hand accounts of personnel within DIA attempting to interfere with the Afghanistan evacuation operation on or around 15-31 August 2021. Witnesses reported that DIA officials ordered personnel abroad who were assisting with the operation to cease and desist with evacuation assistance efforts immediately. Accounts of the alleged incident recount that the attempt by DIA personnel to impede the evacuation operation put the lives of our Afghan interpreters and their families’ lives in immediate danger.

A firsthand account of the incident was included in the March 2022 report sent to the DIA Director and DIA Director of Operations. To this Foundation’s knowledge, no investigation was conducted into the matter and no personnel allegedly involved in the incident were investigated nor held accountable.

MFR Header of alleged AFG evac incident, sent to DIA Director

In order to pursue an independent investigation of this matter, Walk the Talk Foundation is soliciting witness accounts / statements from any personnel who witnessed or received reports of DIA members (or any DoD member) that either actively attempted to impede the evacuation, or were complicit in any way in the alleged interference.

We are requesting you complete the form below. Most fields are optional, however, the more fidelity you can provide on the events of alleged evacuation interference in August 2021, the more likely we will be able to lobby for an independent investigation into the matter.