In appreciation

To the generous donors to our Foundation,

A sincere and heart-felt thank you for your generosity and your support of our cause! Rest assured that your donation will be used to continue our mission of ridding retribution and reprisal in our uniformed services.

Since our last annual update in October, which you can read here, we have been engaged in the following:

—In November and December, we entered into two partnerships with other veteran advocacy groups: Protect our Defenders and No Fallen Heroes;

—In December, the President signed the National Defense Authorization Act which cemented the Intelligence Authorization Act into law, calling for increased oversight and cultural change in the Defense Intelligence Agency;

—Just last week, we, along with five other of the nation’s leading whistleblower advocacy groups, penned a letter to President Biden calling for an end to retribution and reprisal in the uniformed services, and specifically a call for justice for CDR Kim Young-McLear who was a substantiated victim of reprisal 4 years ago but never afforded recompense therefor;

—We continue to receive updates on the DoDIG-led audit of the DIA and Intelligence Community IG (ICIG) Whistleblower Reprisal Program; an audit we brought to light to the Senate’s HSGAC after the DoD failed to accomplish it in three consecutive Fiscal Years;

—We continue to engage Congress and other advocacy groups on two major fronts, aside from DoDIG reform: recourse/recompense for military members wrongfully punished because of arbitrary/capricious COVAX mandates -and- nefarious activities in the Defense Intelligence Agency;

—We are collaborating with other experts on the realignment of the Defense Attaché Service with the aim of subordinating it outside of DIA;

—Our petition drive for DoDIG reform continues to gain momentum with more supporters each day formally attesting to the need for much-needed change in a broken system;

—We continue, as always, to advise and assist clients in the uniformed services, both past and present, on a wide variety of matters pertaining to navigating the IG and EO systems.

Some other victories of note:

—A client was retroactively promoted after we engaged with their Representative on a retaliatory and retributive performance report which initially disqualified them from promotion;

—A client’s end-of-tour decoration was re-authored, corrected, and delivered to them after we filed a formal inquiry therein;

—A client was exonerated from a retributive administrative “15-6” investigation which was instigated because he reported wrongdoings in DIA;

—A client was exonerated from false counterintelligence charges which were brought up in retaliation following the report to Congress on Toxicity in the Defense Attaché Service;

—A client’s retributive annual performance report was expunged from their record because of blatant retribution/reprisal on behalf of the authors;

—Multiple investigations, inquiries, and personnel changes were instituted in the Defense Intelligence Agency over the course of the past year.

Thanks to your support, these projects, engagements with clients, and Congressional advocacy will continue!

vincit omnia veritas!

Ryan Sweazey

Founder and President