Last week, the House Intelligence Committee (HPSCI) introduced into law the FY23 Intelligence Authorization Act (IAA). In it, the committee found: 

“The Defense Intelligence Agency has not taken sufficient steps to address an unhealthy culture at the Agency.

In the report of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence of the House of Representatives accompanying H.R. 5412 of the 117th Congress (H. Rept. 117–156), the Committee mandated several reports and briefings for which the Defense Intelligence Agency failed to respond in a timely manner.

The Agency has committed to improving Agency culture and leadership; however, actions taken to date fall short of addressing the permissive environment for management abuses.”

The bill, as written:

—Mandates exit surveys/interviews for members departing DIA, and

—Mandates the Director DIA report every year to Congress on the results of those assessments;

—Ensures Congress maintains oversight on several aspects of DIA workforce climate surveys, and 

—Directs DIA to determine the feasibility of 360-degree performance assessments, and that those be used such that…

—Explicitly targets the civilian cabal who, based on witness accounts, was the source of a swath of abuses, by mandating DIA perform leadership suitability assessments for those of rank GS-14 and higher.

(Please find the IAA excerpt attached.)

I applaud the members and staff of HPSCI for their savvy approach in this endeavor and encourage Representative Luria, the HASC, as well as HSGAC and SSCI to rectify the IAA as written. 

This bill, when approved, will be the culmination of years of work stemming from the contribution of dozens of brave whistleblowers, many of whom still work under the threat of reprisal in the military and DIA.  

The introduction of the IAA is a somber victory. It provides no recompense for the scores of victims of past DIA abuses.  

Based on the testimony of scores of witnesses, for years, DIA leadership time and time again refused to intervene and hold perpetrators of abuses accountable whilst offering zero recompense or even acknowledgment to victims.  This occurred while the DIA and DoD Inspector General spectated, allowing Whistleblower Reprisal Investigations to languish for years and/or violating a swath of regulations in the conduct thereof. 

I’d again like to thank to thank the dozens of brave witnesses who stepped up to rid the Agency of the toxic cabal and the abuses they carried out, all to the detriment of DIA personnel, the mission, and national security.  They are owed an immense debt of gratitude from their Services and nation.

While we are far from complete resolution on this matter, the IAA passage will be a significant step in this critical fight.

Thank you for your support.