Significant milestone achievement in DIA case

The Foundation notched a significant win in the path to an independent inquiry into the DAS affair; achieving substantive progress in this line of effort as a result of meetings with the staff of HASC Vice Chair Representative Luria on 8 April.

The main discussion topics of the briefing centered about:

–Beyond a preponderance of the evidence, we can state as fact that there are a swath of abuses occurring in DIA,

–Avenues of recourse which military members typically can rely on have failed (IG, chain of command, etc.),

–DIA has proven itself to be unwilling/unable to self-correct.

The way-ahead

In the coming months, we will, in concert with the Representative’s staff as well as the committees, be engaged in authoring language to be incorporated in the next NDAA which will authorize an independent inquiry into the DIA affair.

We are incredibly thankful to Representative Luria and her staff for their dedication to the professionals in DIA and DoD as well as to the mission of the Department. We are thrilled to see the substantial progress being made on this front along with the prospect of forthcoming law which will formalize oversight actions to be taken to ensure toxicity in DIA is eradicated.

Briefing Highlights: The RCA