Call for Inputs: Proposal to Realign the Defense Attaché Service (DAS)

WtTF is currently soliciting inputs on the draft proposal to realign the Defense Attaché Service. The proposal will be submitted to the House Armed Services Committee at the end of the calendar year. Inputs are requested by 31 October 2022

Based on thousands of man-hours invested in working with current and former members of the Defense Attaché Service (DAS), the Walk the Talk Foundation has, through a rigorous Root Cause Analysis, determined that the nation and its defense would be more effectively served if the DAS were realigned to be subordinate to an organization outside of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).

The aim of this realignment would be to more effectively and efficiently utilize the weapons system which is the Defense Attaché. The Foundation contends that the enormous potential of the DAS has been squandered by the lacking leadership of DIA and the near-term challenges to be faced by the U.S. will require a DAS that is better led and better managed in order to realize the organization’s full potential.

WtTF is soliciting inputs from all current and former members of the DAS and requesting inputs to the draft proposal.

Download the draft proposal here

Inputs are requested by 31 October 2022 and can be sent to:

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